Discovering more about the world we live in

Martin & Sheilah:  About 30 years ago we learned to dive with BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) and remain members of the local club.   We embrace the concept of ‘diving with a purpose’ and have been involved with many projects both archaeological and biological.

 Background:  As members of the Nautical Archaeology Society we followed their training programme, participated as volunteers and keenly monitor other activities alongside our own archaeological projects. Seasearch, a project for volunteer scuba divers to record the underwater marine environment, has provided us with some marine biological training. Participation in both disciplines has given us to a greater understanding of life beneath the sea, but more importantly an understanding of just how much we do not know about undersea life.

Today:  Use of our own RIB and an accumulation of time spent on the Dorset coast, fostered our interest in the vast amount we don’t know about our local seas and led to the formation of Stardis as the umbrella to discover more about the world we live in and communicate our what we learn.